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About Edgar Morris

The story of Edgar Morris in Southern California, and how we were able to create our amazing skin care products, began 30 years ago when Mr. Morris was just an aspiring actor. It was during this time that he suffered severe acne breakouts, razor bumps, and discoloration ruining his facial skin and biggest asset in show business.

Paris Connection

In the mid-1950s, he moved to Europe to seek treatment. He settled in Paris where he met Josephine Baker, who then introduced him to the renowned French skin care specialist Claude Jeaneu. Soon after, Mr. Morris' skin condition improved significantly. Astounded by the brilliant result, Mr. Morris decided to study and learn the secrets to beautiful skin from the French dermatologist. Since then, Mr. Morris has never looked back. He bid goodbye to his acting career, and turned his attention to helping people with skin problems, specifically people of color like him.

Glowing Skin for Everyone

In 1990 he started bringing his products to those people who could not visit his clinics, realizing his dream of making his products affordable to everyone. You can now order our restorative beauty products online.

Edgar Morris - Skin Care Products
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