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The Corrective Skin Care Systems

Utilizing advanced discoveries in biotechnology, the Edgar Morris Skin Care System includes the use of natural botanicals and herb extracts that work with active pharmaceutical ingredients to gently repair, revive, and re-balance the skin. These comprehensive skin care regimens are based on three simple concepts:

Skin Peeling  
When dry skin peels, it reveals a "new" layer of skin which is softer and suppler to the touch.

Several products in the Systems (including anti-bacterial agents) are designed to clear the skin and eliminate clogged pores, which cause eruptions, blemishes, acne, and discoloration.  For the damage already done, Edgar Morris has created a skin lightener to fade dark spots and discoloration.

Edgar Morris' re-balancing agents and moisturizers restore a healthy balance to maintain your flawless, radiant skin.


The Edgar Morris Regimen Kits -

Which one is right for You?

 - Mild Corrective System
 - Severe Corrective System
 - Revitalizing System
 - Shaving and Skin Care System
 - Corrective Body Kit

Mild* Corrective System

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This professional skin care system is for anyone who is experiencing occasional breakouts of Acne. These breakouts are 1-3 times a month. When they breakout, the pimples or Acne is in the T-Zone area. The skin is normal to moderately oily (Usually experiencing an oil buildup in the T-Zone during the day.)

This Kit Contains:

 - The six universal skin care products
 - Acne Treatment Cleanser
 - Acne Treatment Mask 5%
 - Drying Lotion

Severe* Corrective System

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This professional skin care system is for someone who has a more pronounced case of Acne. They breakout every few days and when they breakout the Acne covers a large portion of the facial skin. The Acne tends to be in clusters. At any one time 10% or more of the facial skin is involved in an Acne outbreak, either active, clearing up or just beginning. The skin tends to be more oily. (Usually 1 hour after washing the face you can wipe your fingers across the forehead and feel the oil on them.)

This Kit Contains:
 - The six universal skin care products
 - Acne Treatment Cleanser w/ Pumice
 - Acne Treatment Mask 10%
 - Drying Lotion

Revitalizing System

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This system does NOT address an acne problem. This kit is designed for people who wish to work on toning the skin, working on overall discoloration and blotching. The kit works on fine lines and smoothing the skin's texture giving it a younger more youthful appearance. Helping the skin to develop a healthy, radiant glow. This kit can also be used to maintain good skin.

This Kit Contains:

 - The six universal skin care products
 - Skin Lightening Cleanser
 - Surface Peeling Cream
 - Hydrating Complex

* Please note that the terms Severe and Mild relate to the
      frequency and level of the actual outbreak and NOT to 
     the severity of the discoloration.

Shaving & Skin Care System

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This kit if for anyone who has a problem with ingrown facial hair and razor bumps. The Shaving Kit can be used regardless of the method used for the actual hair removal. The Shaving System has been successfully used with razors, depilatory's, clippers or electric shaver by preparing the shaving area and softening the facial hair.

This Kit Contains:
 - The six universal skin care products
 - Purifying Wash
 - Beard Softener

Corrective Body Kit

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This system is for the discoloration that occurs on the Body. It works on smoothing the roughness, softening the skin. It lightens the darkened areas left from scars, blemishes, Chicken-Pox. the Body Kit more effectively lightens the discolored areas of the elbow and knees as well. Women have found that it helps work on the darkened stretch marks that occur during pregnancy. This kit contains 4 products. There is no video contained in the Body kit.

This Kit Contains:
 - Body Liquid Soap
 - Body Exfoliant Cream
 - Body Nourishing Cream 
 - Body Skin Lightener
 - Body Loofa Sponge


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