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The Edgar Morris Story

The Edgar Morris story is one born out of a personal need that grew to encompass the skin care needs of all People of Color. It began over thirty years ago when Mr. Morris was an aspiring actor. He was able to win stage rolls but lost out on parts in film and television because of his own skin condition. He suffered from severe acne, razor bumps and discoloration. The heavy stage makeup covered these problems, but the makeup used by the movie people was unable to hide them.

In the mid 1950's Mr. Morris moved to Europe and settled in Paris where he met and became friends with Josephine Baker. It was Miss Baker who first introduced him to the renowned skin care specialist Mr. Claude Jeaneu. Mr. Jeaneu began treating Mr. Morris for his lifelong skin problems. Mr. Morris was astounded by the results that he was seeing occurring with his skin. Having thought that he would be forever plagued with unsightly blemishes, he now was experiencing for the first time in many years, problem free skin.

He began to study under Mr. Jeaneu's tutorship, bringing his new found knowledge to his friends. Through word of mouth, then friend to friend, he began to help others who suffered as he had done for so long. His focus before long expanded and he envisioned People of Color worldwide being helped. Through his own experiences Mr. Morris was acutely aware that there was a great void in the skin care products being developed for the unique problems of People of Color. He was inspired to fill that void. Thus began his 30 year study, research and development of corrective skin care for all People of Color.

He traveled from France to Sweden and Denmark, and then Germany,  moving finally to Africa where he set up skin care clinics in Ghana and Nigeria. After many years he decided to return to the United States where he opened up a clinic in Los Angeles. In 1990 he began the process of bringing his products to those people who could not visit his clinics. Realizing a dream of making his products affordable to everyone.

After hundreds of thousands of successful clients using his products by ordering directly from the company through our infomercial, telemarketing, or client referrals, you can now order these same great products on the internet.


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