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Revitalizing Beauty Products for Facial Skin Care

Edgar Morris in Southern California, offers remarkable beauty products for facial skin care, which combine natural herb extracts and active pharmaceutical ingredients to repair and revive your skin. We have 3 facial kits (two treating acne and one discolorations), a shaving and skin kit, a body regenerating kit, smaller Trio packages and numerous individual products especially formulated to address particular skin conditions. 
  • Skin Peeling – To Reveal a Softer and More Supple Layer of Skin
  • Correction – To Unclog Pores to Prevent Acne, Blemishes, and Skin Discoloration
  • Maintenance – To Restore and Maintain Healthy Chemistry for Flawless and Radiant Skin

Complete Treatment Systems

The kits we offer treat common skin problems that people of color typically encounter.

Check out our kits below: 

  • Mild Corrective System - To Prevent Acne Breakouts 
  • Severe Corrective System - To Treat Severe Cases of Acne 
  • Revitalizing System - To Tone Face, Correct Discoloration, and Prevent Blotching 
  • Shaving and Skin Care System - To Minimize Ingrown Facial Hair and Razor Bumps 
  • Corrective Body Kit - To Correct Discoloration on the Body


The Treatment Packaged Kits range in price from $39.95 to $85.00 depending on the number of products included. A significant savings over the purchase of the items purchased individually. All of the individual products are competitively priced. 

Product Info

The facial kits are specifically formulated to achieve the best results. Each of the facial kits contains nine products, six of which are the same across all kits. The remaining three are specific to a particular skin condition.

The six universal products in each facial kit include the following:

• Re-Balancing Astringent
• Skin Purifying Mask
• Moisturizing Booster
• Daily Nourishing Cream

• Skin Lightener
• Oil-Free Sunblock

Contact us for restorative beauty products and facial skin care.